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what are the effects of violent video games on children?

We must acknowledge that human beings are born with some level of humanity. This is what tells you not to kill you neighbor or shoot at him. This is what makes one to offer a helping hand when a friend or neighbor is in problems. There is a very close relationship between loss of humanity and addictiveness to violent video games. As children and even adults get addicted to such games, they end up unknowingly having their perception about violence changed completely. This has a greater impact on children than on adults. In children such video games may end up having children get horror dreams. In such dreams children end up getting to dream of violent activities that in one way or the other affects their growth (Kutner & Olson, 2008).

Two thirds of muggers and robbers in the United States have a history of playing violent video games. According to this figure, it is very apparent that video games usually result in the loss of humanity in people. Through these violent video games, viewers are made to be live that hitting somebody is not anything to worry about. This is why many criminals that were used to these games would easily assassinate or murder somebody and never have any guilt. They would look at human life with a lot of simplicity and fail to give it the respect it deserves (Kirsh, 2006).

Features Of Magazine Article On Violence And Videogames

Magazine article on violence and videogames

Magazine Article On Violence And Videogames Explained

You will find a very close connection between the violent video games and use of drugs in the society today. In a three quarters of the violent video games, characters act in a manner to depict that they are drug takers of traffickers. Sometimes the video games would at the end of the game depict these actors as heroes and heroines. This has devastating effects on views and especially children who may have a wrong interpretation of the video games. Children might assume that whatever they see on the screen is right and should be supported. This in the end may influence such children to accept and acknowledge that drugs are not a bad stuff and would very willingly accept to be part of the partakers of the same (Vorderer & Bryant, 2006).

( ) Much of these acts will carry with the child and could be acted out in lateryears. Parents need to play an active role in their children’s lives. They needto be aware of what their children are viewing on T.V, what video games theyare playing, and what they are searching for on the Internet.

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Purpose of Speech: After listening to my speech, audience members will take a few simple steps to help alleviate the negative impacts of Violent Video Games.

model ib history essays contest Magazine Article On Violence And Videogames

I believe at one time you have lived with or come across children that are addicted to violent video games. You would definitely see the difference between them and other children in terms of handling various issues. It is today common to see a child beating up their own father or mother. While blame game is put on the society, parents should recognize that they too have failed in their roles on guiding their children on what to do and what not to do. They needed to advise them on what to watch and what not to. This would help avoid having this children taking the wrong path and later coming up with blame games. Allowing children to watch and play these games is giving them a clear ticket to development of bad character (Kutner & Olson, 2008).

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"Do violent video games cause behavior problems." Online.

"Video games and violence." Online.Internet.

You will all acknowledge the impact the family plays in terms of learning and acquisition of knowledge. Violent video games have partly changed the learning environment in the society today. As far as learning is concerned, the family is the basic unit of organization and is meant to have the greatest impact in an individual as they learn. However, this role is being changed as many parents have left their children in the hands of the media making them have the media influence them the greatest. It is no wonder that children in our society are ready to emulate and copy anything they find attractive in their eyes from the media.

disproving that violent games cause aggression3.

Violent video games are not good for the growth and development of children. They are either not safe for the grownups. This means that such violent games are not good for viewing as they end up generating more of negative than positive impacts. In order to avoid the negative impacts of the games viewing by children and adults should be discouraged. This would help reduce the many negative impacts that come with these video games. I want to urge parents to take an up a front role in have influencing whatever stuff their children watch as they develop. As far as parents may be busy, they should also set aside time to be with their children so that they may advise them accordingly on what is good and what is bad. This would help- make children avoid watching or playing these violent video games as they end up negatively affecting them.

"In defense of video games." U.S.

Everybody would acknowledge that our society faces the risk of disintegrating in the hands of drugs. It is very definite that drugs and drug abuse has serious negative consequences that should be avoided at all costs. However, this can only be possible if the environment is conducive for the course. Violent video games would always depict a positive aspect of drugs and drug trafficking. Without proper guidance, a person may end up emulating the characters in the game and end up being spoilt by such wrong perception (Kirsh, 2006). However, what you should not is the fact that you watch or play or have previously played violent video games does not guarantee you into drugs. It only increases the chances of you getting into drugs than a person that does participate in such games.

But how much of an impact have these violent video games had.

Kutner L., Olson C. K. (2008). Grand theft childhood: the surprising truth about violent video games and what parents can do, Vancouver: Simon and Schuster

Defending the morality of violent video games | …

Emulation of character on violent video games is boosted by many factors. However, the most critical factor that boosts this behavior is the failure of getting guidance from parents. Apparently, parents would wish that their children grow and develop to be good people in the society. However, much of what is required for them to facilitate this type of development does not come forth. The twenty first century parents are very busy that they have left the media such as these violent video games to be the tools of learning. As such, with no guidance, children would believe that whatever is happening in the violent video games is a replica of an ideal situation in real life. Being one of the people living in this century, I believe you have experienced or seen this trend taking roots in the society.

The Psychology of Video Game Avatars | The …

It desensitized people to violence, increased aggression, and cause people to mimic the action.
Trains Military to be killers.
Willing to expose others to loud irritating noises to hurt them.
Violent Video games:
Increase angry feelings
Increase aggressive thoughts
Increase hostile behavior.
Increased Aggression
Gamers are considered to be more belligerent by their peers and teachers
Gamers roughhouse with other children.
Increased Aggression
Gamer imitate game behavior:
Think it is fun
Help them in real life
Become better fighters
Mimic Video Game Behavior
Gamers who identify themselves with a character are more likely to act like that character.

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