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Supermassive Black Holes – Essay Sample

Don’t tell me black holes aren’t magical. They’re magical by definition. They are the places where all the rules of reality disintegrate and time and light themselves, those twin commanders of the universe, freeze dead in their tracks. And don’t tell me deadlines aren’t magical. Dostoevsky saw God in a glint of sunlight in the hour before his mock-execution. And at the point of falling through a deadline, I have written entire papers on subjects about which I knew nothing then and know nothing to this day. Good papers. B papers. Papers I do not remember, and whose creation will always remain at least partially inexplicable.

Read “Case 14” on pages 420-423 of the textbook. Prepare thorough answers to questions 1-3 by applying the concepts discussed in the chapter.

Once inside, nothing can break away from a black hole’s gravity, ..

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So too with me in those last few hours before a deadline. In that three-hour eon of misery, the impossible takes place. A minute becomes a thesis statement, an hour becomes a central argument and five sources. A course packet is opened for the first time, devoured in a flurry of page-flipping, processed, and born anew through an inkjet printer. The hour before the deadline is the hour of creation, of eternity. If I’m worth anything as a writer, it’s only in that hour.

But the kicker is this: For the star, in that last split second before it blinks out of existence, or travels to another dimension, or whatever happens on the other side of a black hole, time stops completely. That last second never ends for the doomed star: it is stretched across an eternity, afforded endless time to ponder an execution that never comes. In that eternal second, the star is infinitely concentrated, infinitely hot, infinitely bright, infinitely small. It is nothing but energy.

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Outside the event horizon of a black hole, the doomed star moves sluggishly towards it at first. It meanders along its orbital trajectory, barely noticing the monster gobbling dust and light and logic a few trillion miles away. But as it is inevitably pulled closer, the poor star is forced to confront its fate. It moves faster and faster, its orbit distorted into a grotesque spaghetti string, noodling inexorably toward the slurping black hole. Finally, at the speed of light, it is chewed into its subatomic elements and disappears irretrievably into the senseless maw of the universe.

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Mass, charge and angular velocity constitute the physical properties. All these properties can be determined. Mass can be measured using Gauss Law. A charged black hole attracts similarly charged objects towards it and repels the oppositely charged ones. Angular momentum can be studied using frame dragging.

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in the black hole gravitational circle, ..

When a particle approaches, it nears to a point where to the outside observer, the particle would seem to be frozen. There is deformation of spacetime. The boundary of the area of no return is the event horizon. Inside the event horizon, due to strong gravitational pull, the particle is brought closer to the core. When the particle falls on the black hole, its mass is scattered evenly.

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Black holes are sites or location in the space where gravity is too high compared to any other force. These black holes are formed from remnants of massive former stars. Once anything is trapped (light inclusive) in the black hole gravitational circle, it is impossible for it to escape. Recent discoveries have led to the realization of how the black holes are formed, why they exist in different sizes and what are the repercussions of getting trapped into one. Although the black holes are of significant threat to any neighboring object or object, there is no need to worry as the nearest black hole is many light-years away from the earth. For the formation of the black hole to happen, instead of massive stars reducing into neutron or dwarf stars in their final stages, they remain active thus forming black holes.


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The lack of this balance between the inward and outward pressure make the black hole shrink to zero volume. This inward force exacted by the cold remnants is so strong that even the light they produce cannot escape but get trapped in an orbit and, as a result, the star turns into a black hole. For objects, light and planets to be pulled towards the black, they must pass as close to the black as possible. Although the black hole’s pull energy is massive, it is not of equal strength compared to other stars’ and cosmic objects’ of the same mass.

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Although black holes are small in size, they are very powerful. A black hole of medium size would have a radius of approximately three kilometres in width. It is almost impossible to observe the black holes with ordinary telescopes are they are very small, dark and distant. The black holes pose a great danger to all flying and floating vessels like the aeroplanes, satellites and spaceships.

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This I believe: A deadline is a black hole. A singularity around which time slows down, everything else speeds up, and the impossible becomes inevitable. I haven’t missed a deadline since the sixth grade, and no star in the universe, once beckoned by gravity, has ever missed a black hole.

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